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Software Testing Course Objective:

At GrapLabs, we offer comprehensive software testing training that is designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in the IT industry. Our courses are taught by industry experts with over 15 years of experience, ensuring that you receive practical, real-world training that is relevant to today’s market.

Our software testing course covers a wide range of topics, including manual and automated testing, test case development, defect management, and quality assurance. We teach you how to use industry-standard tools and techniques to identify and report bugs, ensure software reliability, and improve overall software quality.

Our training program is designed to be flexible and customizable, allowing you to tailor your learning experience to meet your specific needs and career goals. Whether you are a beginner just starting out in the industry, or a seasoned professional looking to enhance your skills, our software testing course can help you achieve your goals.

In addition to our expert instruction, we also provide hands-on training through real-world projects and simulations. This allows you to gain practical experience in a safe and controlled environment, giving you the confidence and skills needed to succeed in the IT industry.

At GrapLabs, we are committed to providing our students with the highest quality training and support. We offer a range of resources, including job placement assistance and ongoing career support, to help you succeed in your chosen field.

If you are looking for a comprehensive software testing training program that can help you achieve your career goals, look no further than GrapLabs. Contact us today to learn more about our courses and how we can help you succeed in the IT industry.

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Course Content

Introduction to Software Testing

  • What is Software Testing
  • Why Testing is necessary
  • Testing Principles
  • Role of Testing  in Software Development
  • Testing Mindset

Software Testing Techniques

  • Static Testing
    • Reviews
    • Static Analysis
  • Dynamic Testing
    • Structure Based Techniques/White Box Techniques
      • Code Coverage
      • Statement Coverage
      • Decision Coverage
      • Multiple condition coverage
    • Experience-Based Techniques
      • Error Guessing
      • Exploratory Testing
    • Specification-based Techniques
      • Equivalence partitioning
      • Boundary Value Analysis (BVA)
      • Decision Tables

Types of Software Testing

  • Functional Testing
    • Smoke Testing
    • Sanity Testing
    • Regression Testing
    • Unit Testing
    • Component Testing
    • Integration Testing
    • API Testing
    • System Testing
    • White Box Testing
    • Black Box Testing
    • Acceptance Testing
    • Alpha Testing
    • Beta Testing
    • Exploratory Testing
    • Post Release Testing
  • Non-Functional Testing
    • Performance Testing
      • Load/Stress Testing
      • Volume Testing
      • Security Testing
      • Soak Testing
    • Reliability Testing
    • Usability Testing
    •  Accessibility Testing
    •    Globalisation Testing
      •  Internationalisation testing
      •  Localization testing

Test Planning

  • Sections of Test Plan
  • Test Metrics

Test Case Infrastructure

  •   Introduction to Test Case
  •    Test Case Design Techniques
    • Specification Based
    •  Experienced Based
  •    Test Case Format
    • Functional Test Case
    • Integration Test Case
    • System Test Case
  •    Procedure to Write and Execute Test Case
  •    Test case Review Process
  •  Test Case creation activity
  • Live Tools
    • Zephyr
    • Testrail

Defect Tracking

  •  Introduction to Defects
  •    Defect Life Cycle
  •    Status of Defects
  •    Severity of a defect
  •    Priority of a defect
  •    Defect Report/Incident Report
  •    Defect Tracking Tool: 
    • Jira
    • MANTIS
    • QC
    • Bugzilla
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Major USP’s of Graplabs are

  • Flexible Offline or Online classes
  • Courses Designed By Industry Experts
  • Batch Size Between 12-15 Students To Provide Individual Attention
  • Trainers Are Specialists In Their Respective Areas Which Ensures Quality Trainings
  • Emphasis On Overall Development
  • State-Of-The-Art Labs
  • Exposure To Live And Real-Time Projects
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
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  • Special Industry Visits To Give Exposure Of The Software Industry
  • Extra Sessions Like – Soft-Skill Sessions, Technical Expert Sessions, Interview Preparation Sessions And Aptitude Sessions.

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