Web Automation Testing Training

Course Objective:
  1. Learn a programming language for Web Automation – JAVA
  2. Why JAVA is preferred as first programming language
  3. Selenium Web driver tool in depth – Features & Components
  4. Building a POM design pattern framework on real application using Selenium Web driver, TestNG and Maven
  5. Explaining Design Patterns and when to choose – Page Object Model, BDD – Behavior Driven
Course is divided into 2 parts:
  1. Understanding and implementing Java language concepts through coding
  2. Understanding Selenium Webdriver and implementing Java concepts in a POM framework using real application

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Course Content

Module1: Java Language for Automation

  • Java Background – How Java works in behind
  • Java Installation and Setup
  • Java Variables
  • Data Types
  • String Class
  • Conditional & Control Flows 
  • Loops
  • Arrays and ArrayLists
  • OOPS Concepts
  • Classes & Objects
  • Java Methods
  • Access, Encapsulations and Scope
  • Static Variables and Methods
  • Inheritance & Polymorphism
  • Debugging
  • Exception Handling

Module2: Python/JavaScript

  • Basic Language Concepts: Variables, Conditional, Loops
  • Functions
  • Problem Solving Iteration and Recursion
  • Data structures
  • Algorithms and Complexity
  • Object oriented programming
  • Exception handling
  • Language libraries overview
  • Testing and debugging

Module 3: Selenium Introduction and Components

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium Webdriver and architecture
  • Launching Browsers and inspecting elements
  • Automating Operations on various Elements
    • Browser
    • TextBox, 
    • ListBox
    • Links
    • Check Box
    • Radio Button
    • HTML Tables
  • Automating Keyboard and Mouse Events
    • Action Class
    • KeyBoard Events
    • Drag & Drop Actions
    • Mouse Hover Action
    • RightClick, Double Click & Tool Tip
  • Handling multiple Windows
  • Handling Frames
  • Creating Xpaths and CSS Selectors
  • Synchronizations – Waits

Module 4: TestNG

  • Annotation Files
  • Test annotation
  • Running the Test
  • Checking reports created by TestNG
  • Generating HTML Reports
  • Annotations used in TestNG
  • Validating Tests with Assertions
  • Creating multiple Tests
  • Creating and Running Test Suites with TestNG.xml
  • Parallel Test Execution with TestNG
  • Cross Browser Testing using TestNG

Module 5 : Automation Test Frameworks

  • Modular Driven Framework
  • Keyword Driven Framework
  • Data Driven Framework
  • Hybrid Framework

Module 6: MAVEN

  • What is Maven and Why Maven?
  • Installing/Configuring Maven
  • Creating Maven Project
  • Importing Maven Project into Eclipse
  • What is POM.xml?   
  • Adding Dependencies to POM.xml

Module 7: JENKINS

  • Installing/Configuring Jenkins
  • Scheduling Test Execution in Jenkins
  • Auto mail configuration in Jenkins
  • What is continuous integration?
  • Continuous integration with JENKINS

Module 8: GIT

  • Downloading and Installing GIT
  • Installing GIT and GITHUB plug-ins for JENKINS
  • Configuring SSH host keys for GIT and JENKINS
  • GIT Bash commands
  • Uploading project to GIT

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